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As one of the most respected international traders of handmade rugs and archaeological finds in Iran, H. Zavieh (1883-1975) was a pioneer in his field and the founder of the Zavieh Establishment. At age 14 after the sudden passing of his father, H. Zavieh started his business and spent the following 35 years travelling between Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Europe and Iran, trading in jewelry, rugs and antiquities until his death, in 1975.

Pursuing the legacy of his father, his youngest son, Djalal Zavieh, a graduate in Social Studies from the National University of Tehran, took on the decade-long business where it was left and succeeded at reviving it. In 1977, Djalal Zavieh and his spouse emigrated to Belgium. In Brussels, he launched a business as a wholeseller of Persian rugs, antiquities, antique fabrics and furniture. He soon expanded by holding auctions of Fine Art and Decorative Art throughout Belgium. Very early on, Djalal Zavieh was recognized as one of the most successful and active businessmen in his specialty field. With shops and offices around the world, including San Diego, London, Paris, Brussels, Knocke-le-Zoute and Gent, the Zavieh Establishment is now based in Malines, Belgium and specializes in modern and contemporary art, works on paper, prints and multiples, bronze sculptures, while pursuing trade in decorative arts along antique and modern handmade rugs. Zavieh is also known for his bronze production in California. His bronze production bears the foundry stamps OEZ (Old Establishment Zavieh) and Pure Bronze and are traded internationally. In recent years, Djalal Zavieh started collaborating closely with artists whom he represents exclusively, including Igor Tcholaria. As the artist's editor and producer, Zavieh is the exclusive producer of Tcholaria's bronze sculptures, prints and paintings.



► Oriental carpets: we offer a wide variety of handmade carpets with different patterns, sizes and origins. We also have a wide selection of collectible rugs, both decorative and for everyday use. Our collection counts more than 5,000 pieces. 

► Furniture: of English and French origin from the 18th to the 21st century. 

► Bronze and glass sculptures: from the 19th and 21st century, but also some posthumous castings. We offer more than 500 models. 

► Paintings: from the 19th and 20th century, and in particular paintings from the Belgian School.

► Works on paper: from the 20th century, including modern and contemporary lithographs by international artists. 

► Works of art: crystal, glassware, silverware, ivory, cloisonné, porcelain, ceramics, etc.



We offer a professional service of restoration and cleaning of your oriental carpets. Our craftsmen use traditional techniques. We are also specialists in the restoration and conservation of antiques, furniture and paintings. Our framing workshop offers you specialized advice. We have a wide selection of frames, in different materials and colours. Maison Zavieh is fully dedicated to providing customers with a unique high quality service and professional expertise. Our selection of artwork is unique and our prices are very competitive.